Suite 1 | 4,912 SF

RTKL’s approach to DesignLAB was to create a suite that would maximize flexibility in order to accommodate the needs of various tenants and work styles. We set out to create a bright and welcoming environment that would attract not only current market occupants in Crystal City but also appeal to the next generation of tenants. We explored forward thinking ideas and concepts that define the future of Workplace and executed them in a manner consistent with RTKL’s commitment to quality performance-driven design.


The solution is a suite that is successful in achieving all of these goals. The open space and warm palette offers a comfortable environment that can easily be adapted to reflect the tenants brand aesthetic and support the changing needs of its employees. The furniture solution is flexible, manages the demands of evolving technologies, and has the ability to be reconfigured to allow for expansion and contraction of the workforce. The LED illumination in the open office area can be easily rearranged to get light where it’s needed should the furniture change. Finally, the arrangement of individual and collaborative spaces forms a workplace that would help any tenant work better, smarter, do more with less, and support their business objectives.

© 2014 Vornado/Charles E. Smith.

Suite 2 | 5,906 SF

Where do you go when your business needs to expand? Swing space, growth space, new space—it’s all Next Space.


Next Space—Perkins+Will’s suite in the Design Lab project—provides a flexible, sustainable and dynamic office environment for a variety of business types. The intent was to create a tenant space that can evolve with the needs of the tenant. The reception area provides space for formal entry, informal socializing, and full-staff meeting area with simple transformations. The open office area is laid out with lighting and mechanical service so a variety of work space configurations can be accommodated—turning open work area to private offices can be as simple as putting up a modest wall. Dedicated collaboration spaces are distributed throughout the space, with walls and furniture that become canvasses to write on.


Next Space includes many innovative, sustainable products and systems that create a healthier, more energy-efficient working environment. The combination of LED and fluorescent light fixtures keep energy use low. Products with high recycled content have been used throughout the space, and low-VOC paints contribute to a healthy indoor air quality.


With furniture provided by Steelcase, the bold colors and energetic feel of Next Space create a positive, productive work environment.

Suite 3 | 2,843 SF

OTJ Architects worked with Vornado to design a compact, well-organized space appropriate for a variety of tenants who require a combination of enclosed and open offices. The philosophy employed during the design process was one consistent with OTJ’s mission—to work collaboratively to achieve successful results. Because we did not have a formal tenant to explain needs and preferences, we focused on an average of current tenant requirements. This average resulted in a space that is dense but comfortable, with a sophisticated aesthetic.


As the prospective tenant enters the space, they will first notice the “hive” feature wall separating reception from the office area. This wall is a key component of the design because it highlights the delineating edge between public and private space. Within the public space are the reception area with reception desk, adjacent conference room, open pantry and direct line of sight to natural daylight. Moving from public into private spaces, there is a straightforward organization to the space—five enclosed offices (two along the window line), room for 12 benching-style workstations and touchdown space for three. The crisp, clean aesthetic is one that will appeal to tenants of varying demographics, styles of work and professional missions.

Suite 4 | 5,219 SF

The “Picture It” space designed by SmithGroupJJR is an open, light-filled modern workplace that promotes collaboration and flexibility. Upon entering the space, one is immediately engaged by a large community pantry/table and greeted by the more formal reception area. Taking advantage of the expansive windows and its corner location, a view to the outside is found in every seat. Formal workspaces feature a mix of open and private offices. Two rows of an open benching system separated by an elongated table for group-work will accommodate approximately 12 employees, with an additional five private offices. Flexible workspace areas are located throughout to accommodate mobile workers and guests. Pops of color and texture are incorporated through the carpet, wallcoverings and furniture which adds a uniqueness while maintaining practicality.

Suite 5 | 4,611 SF

The work environment is steadily moving towards spaces that provide users with maximum flexibility and a range of task oriented options to help satisfy personal work preferences.


In this constantly evolving work environment, notions of ownership are challenged giving way to FREE ADDRESS solutions where users can customize their work experience on any given day.


New architectural solutions must keep up with the modern workplace. Fewer walls, more transparency, and shared spaces are some of the design strategies used to enhance the modern work experience


Our DesignLab entry is called WORK4TANK. A combination workplace + think tank, it is designed to showcase the evolution of the workplace towards an environment of total collaboration, openness, and visibility.

Suite 6 | 3,140 SF

B10ck is leasing through the power of design. It not just a design, but a leasing concept that offers an adaptable modular office framework supporting infinite scalable variations. Through B10ck, a tenant has immediately imaginable choices, customization, and community. This concept can be applied in various orders of magnitude: from the scale of the neighborhood, to the building, to a full floor, to a single suite that uses modular furniture and custom branding within the space.


B10ck is Choices, Community, Customization...All built within a Kit of parts.B10ck is built on a standard building grid system using modular walls and a ceiling mounted power bar supplying power/data to your space.B10ck can be easily and quickly reconfigured for each tenant, offering a lower cost and faster alternative to traditional leasing.

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